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Established in 1954 by husband and wife team Aldo Pinto and Mariuccia Mandelli, the company and label Krizia was named after a Plato treatise about vanity. Taking the name to heart, Mariuccia Mandelli, the designer behind the label developed a style and look worthy of its ancient origin. Classical and experimental at the same time, Krizia has been the choice of the fashion elite since the company's inception. Mariuccia Mandelli is a master of "contradictions" using opposing sides to create a design. But instead of chaos, she brings order to opposing ideas. The result is - a magnificent design, perfect in its simplicity of execution. Krizia fragrances are made in association with perfumers Jacques Cavallier, Maurice Roucel, Dominique Ropion, Firmenich and Karine Dubreuil.

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