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A native of Legnamo, Italy, Gianfranco Ferre studied architecture from Politechnico Milan. After graduation, he was a freelance jewelry designer for four years, until he launched his own label in 1974. A few years after his start, Ferre introduced fragrances for men and women including Gieffeffe, Ferre, and Gianfranco Ferre. WWD has dubbed him as the Frank Lloyd Wright of Fashion because you can see from his designs the influence of his early discipline. Gianfranco Ferre is considered a minimalist and a modernist, but upon closer inspection of his work, you will see that there are a lot of things going on, seemingly invisible at first glance, but definitely captivating and adding beauty to his work. The subtleness and complexity of his designs add to the mystic of his work. Definitely modern and mystical at the same time. Simple at first glance, complex upon close inspection. It is not about less is more. It is about "more and seemingly less" sums up Gianfranco Ferre's creations. Gianfranco Ferre fragrances are made in association with perfumers Mark Buxton, Karine Dubreuil, Pierre Bourdon, Alexandra Jouet, Francis Kurkdjian, Maurice Roucel, Jean-Charles Niel and Michele Saramito.

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