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Robert Gordon Mackie was born in California in 1940. Mackie is renowned for his film and television work, during his 11-year stint designing costumes and wigs for The Carol Burnett Show, he created the famed “curtain” dress for Burnett’s Gone With the Wind parody. Later, the “sultan of sequins” and “rajah of rhinestones” gained notoriety as a designer for the flamboyant entertainer, Cher. He’s also known for his exquisite dress design for high-price Barbie dolls. Mackie’s 1982 ready-wear-collection expanded quickly to fragrances, eye wear, furs and accessories. Knitwear, evening wear, suits, ties, handbags, scarves, watches, jewelry and stationery were added in 1990. Among his scents: Iridescence, Mackie, Masquerade and Perhaps.

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